Waltnergitarren Holz

I prefer to use traditional, natural materials like hide glue and shellac for constructing my guitars.


Solid, hand-carved soundboard
Interior construction follows the model of the traditional Spanish, seven-fanned, strutted design
Asymmetries in the strutting expand the resonance spectrum
Solid back and sides
Spanish neck-body connection
FABS bridge construction for best possible intonation
Carbon rods give stability to the neck
Continuous 20th fret


Back and sides: French polish
A light, matte, French polished finish on the soundboard guarantees free resonation, sets an optical contrast and avoids reflections for the audience
Matte, open-pore varnish on the neck

Playability and ergonomics:

A narrow, asymmetric neck profile gives optimal playing comfort for the fretting hand
A raised fretboard on the soundboard makes playing in higher registers easier
Pleasant responsiveness and resistance for the plucking hand
Slightly reduced height of the bass side promotes an ergonomic posture


Mensur length: 65cm
Neck width at nut: 52mm; at 12th fret: 62mm;
String spacing at nut: 42.5mm; at bridge: 60mm

You are free to specify your own neck dimensions and mensur length (63-66cm), if required.