Waltner Guitars Intonation
A person hears only what they understand. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

An integral part of a Waltner guitar is the FABS or Freely Adjustable Bridge Saddle. The use of a FABS in combination with a fine adjustment of the nut gives my guitars their excellent intonation properties.

Good intonation is not only a pleasure for the ear, transparency and sonority are also greatly dependent upon it. Harmonic concordance promotes the resonance of the other strings. It also reduces the appearance of beats and associated unevenness leading to a ‘blurred’ sound.

One cause of imprecision in a guitar’s intonation can be faulty strings. However, the main cause is the faulty position of the string contact points on the bridge and nut, which becomes apparent when thumbing the strings, as this changes the tension of the strings.

A FABS is a very effective way of correcting intonation and is also easy to operate. The bone elements positioned on a slightly sloping bridge plateau are held in place by the pressure of the strings. The string contact point can be precisely adjusted on the tuned instrument by repositioning the bone elements, and this works with every popular type of string. The FABS system was introduced by the Institute of Stringed Instruments Guitar and Lute (ISIGL), Dusseldorf, and is recommended by the European Guitar Teacher’s Association (EGTA).