Angela Waltner References


You can hear Waltner guitars on CD recordings by different artists and in different interpretations.

Currently available:
Nirse Gonzalez
Dimitry Zagumennikov
Sven Ketelsen


Orlando Roman, Baltimore 2009(USA):
As for the guitar it... is fantastic. It is very complex in its sound and very strong. Congratulations on a great design. I want you to know that I am very pleased and I believe you will be a very important luthier in the future.

Nirse Gonzalez, Düsseldorf 2009:
Angela Waltner’s guitar is the ideal instrument for me as a concert musician. Its beautiful sound admits an incredible richness of timbre and dynamic gradations. Its ample sound carries even in large concert halls and yet retains its clarity and balance. This guitar gives me exactly what I need to make music on a high level and perform it in front of an audience.

Jan Erler (Heinrich Albert Duo), Hannover 2009:
Angela’s guitars have exceptional scope. They challenge the musician to push the boundaries of sound and dynamics, which enriches the musical experience immensely. These instruments are like a door to the musician’s inner interpretation, which he can now unlock and share directly with the listener in its many different facets.

Joachim Schrader (Heinrich Albert Duo), Hannover 2009:
What does a musician expect from his instrument?
He expects a great sound, a broad spectrum of timbre, quick responsiveness, a wide dynamic range and an instrument that instantly makes these properties available at any time.
Angela Waltner’s guitars fulfil these characteristics in every respect. It was a real revelation for me to have the chance to play a guitar that enabled me to push the boundaries and extend beyond them at every volume. Boundaries that guitarists previously believed to be insuperable. And at the same time, Angela’s guitars never lose their beauty of tone at any time.

Cheryl Kariya, Washington D.C. (USA) 2009:
This guitar is beautiful in every way! It's lovely to look at: so elegant, and the workmanship is perfect. The sound is just wonderful -- so round and rich! It was quite a new experience for me to play on such a good instrument. Instead of struggling to make music, I feel as though the music is already there, and my job is to let it out with as little distortion as possible. I know that you put a lot of effort and care into making this instrument, but please know that it will bring me great pleasure for years and years. Thank you so much!

Karl Sandvoss, advisory engineer, retired lecturer, ISIGL director (Institute of Stringed Instruments Guitar & Lute e.V.), Dusseldorf 2009:
My friends and I have now been able to enjoy Angela Waltner’s guitars in a range of hugely successful concert performances, both as a solo instrument and in chamber ensembles. The radiance yet sensitivity of some of her instruments was so great that several audience members asked whether “special amplification“ was concealed within the guitar.

The Venezuelan Waltner player and first prize winner in the Tarrega competition in Benicasim, Nirse Gonzales, told me that the very same phenomenon appeared in the closing concert in 2006 with Rodrigos Concierto de Aranjuez and a large orchestra.
A Waltner guitar was also available for the sound potential project in 2004 in Cologne. This project was carried out by the ISIGL and sound design company Synothek from Geyer/Erzgebirge (founder and managing director is psychoacoustics expert, Dr Friedrich Blutner), in association with the sound engineer training course at the University of Music and the University of Applied Sciences in Dusseldorf. The guitar held its own against tough competition from prestigious, elite instruments, from the world-famous Torres ‘La Leona’ to a Friedrich, as one of the most artistically fascinating and powerful instruments.

We at ISIGL have been following the career of Angela Waltner with particular interest for many years. In my opinion, her instruments belong in the concert hall, but not only there. They number among the most interesting things that the world of the classic guitar has to offer worldwide.

I not only admire the sound design and exceptionally good playability of her wonderful instruments, but also the very personal, high-class, timeless design of her instruments that transcends every trace of the folkloristic. This particularly applies to the bridge construction, and even more so to the new, spatially executed Waltner headstock.