Waltner Guitars Woods
Guitar Woods

High quality, air-dried woods that have been stored for many years form the basis of my craft.

Quality has a great deal to do with cutting the wood parallel to the direction of the fibres and vertical to the growth rings and this is true for every part of the guitar. Both factors greatly influence the rigidity of the masses and thus the projection properties and statics.

From an acoustic point of view, woods differ in density, as well as in their frequency-dependent absorbency and rigidity. The same applies within one type of wood, and even within a single trunk. Selecting the right type of wood makes it possible for me to respond to the type of sound the player wishes to produce. I can predetermine the personal character of the instrument – both optically and acoustically – through the composition of woods I employ in its construction.

Some pointers for your personal choice of woods:

  • Alpine Spruce: rich in colour, radiant, challenging, great sound forming potential
  • Western Red Cedar: warm, crystalline, easy to modulate
  • Rosewoods: strong, full basses, brilliant trebles, often displays a „Spanish„.
  • European Maple: powerful, tight basses, bright, singing treble, ideal for baroque, classical or contemporary music

Please appreciate that I am not able to offer the protected wood species Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia nigra).